i feel like i’m gaining the weight back that i lost and i’m feeling :/// about it


Dog God mask.  Japan


sorry cant quite hear u over how cute i am ???? 

i got a thicker wire on my braces yesterday and they tied the little rubber bands that go around the brackets tighter and my mouth hurts so bad and all i want is granola but i’d probably die if i ate it :///

Anonymous asked: Hey could you tell me a little about pressing flowers?? Like what do I use how long it takes does the flower really live forever how do I do it do I need a flower presser for it or can I use anything else


sure! all flowers are pressed the same but different, if that makes sense. I always press my flowers in antique books. I find the paper is less acidic, and better absorbs the moisture of the flowers. Take your flowers you’ve gathers and spread them throughout your book. Don’t put them close to eachother throughout the book or they’ll stick together. skip a double dozen pages between flowers, because if there is too much moisture in the book they will rot. Certain flowers you just can’t press because they have way too high of a water content. Thin flowers like pansies and hydrangeas work really well, as well as babies breath or tulip petals. Don’t try pressing anything too thick like a dahlia or it won’t work out too well. Never press flowers in photographic or shiny paper, they will all rot because the pages will not absorb the moisture. I don’t recommend the microwave method and you don’t need a proper flower presser. When you have your flowers in your book, put them under a pile of other books, a couch, a table, etc to apply pressure on them and actually press them. You’ll find over time you learn which flowers keep their colour best (hydrangeas are the best!) and which ones wilt or brown a little. The better you follow these directions, the better kept your flowers will be ^^


Added a lower conch to this opal bullet cluster themed ear project today. Two more additions left and the project will be complete! Blue and pink opal bullet clusters from @anatometalinc #piercing #bodypiercing #philly #philadelphia #southstreet #AssociationofProfessionalPiercers #appmember #safepiercing #NoKaOiBodyPiercing #instagood #instacool #jewelry #bodyjewelry #picoftheday #mybodymod #bodymodlife #legitpiercingslook #legitbodyjewelry #conch #earproject #opal #anatometal (at No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo)




Black Tumblr, Here yall go!!!


i was walking to credit recovery and some girls walked by me and this one girl was like “oh she’s so pretty!” and it made me feel good :^)




if you use a slur toward a group youre not a part of your punishment should be saying that slur over and over while locked in a room with a group of ridiculously strong people of said affected groups. your only weapon is a tiny set of maracas 

I would make it into a song and dance number in the stereotypical accent of that group. They wouldn’t stop laughing long enough to beat me up. 

have you ever interacted with other people in your life 

Anonymous asked: Your bae is so much taller than you :o

he’s either six foot even or 6’1” but i’m only 4’9” so yeah quite the difference!


Modern pinup #2 on @rockabettysteph #tattoo #tattoos #fullfrontal #aftershower #girlswithtattoos #selfie http://ift.tt/1vFQPDn


Nate really came up with something special this time around. All of these pieces are from BVLA: rose gold pave disk and three teardrops with genuine turquoise stones. 

Photo by Nate, piercings done at Saint Sabrina’s

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