oh my god my wig is so nice, it was only $13 on amazon so i was worried but its so soft and not shiny at all i’m so happy

it didn’t come with a wig cap though and the description on amazon said that it did but oh well they’re cheap i can buy my own

People run from rain but
in bathtubs full of
Charles Bukowski (via bittersweetsongs)

Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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Winners will be picked at random on the 26th of April.

me n my pretentious bf
me: bb why ur hands so cold
bf: it me metaphor



March 26th, 2014. The best day of my life. 

The absolute best day of my life, also. I’m so lucky to have met and married the most amazing person on this planet. 

Pity Sex - Honey Pot


I won’t feel guilty when you kiss me.


we went on a field trip to the zoo last week

Deftones - Cherry Waves
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